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Can You Hear Us?

Crusade 1 Recently we did another Evangelistic Crusade at our Community Center building in the ‘fishing village’, also called Kalalande, but this time it was with a team from North Carolina. The Community Center is used for Bible studies, meetings, English classes, the bead program, and, in the foreseeable future pre- and post-natal classes. But it also has a great “front porch” that serves as a stage for events like this Crusade. We rent a really loud sound system so people in the area will be drawn by the sound.

Our Haitian ministry guys take over. Crusade 2 Maestro and some men in one of his groups sing. They are quite popular here so some come just to hear good acapella singing. Maestro then shares Scripture and a passionate, biblical message that calls for repentance and obedience to follow Christ as Lord and Savior. Often Wesner, Simeon and Va also share a song or testimony.

Crusade 3 It’s great to see our guys step up and pour out their hearts to those who have yet to bow their knee to the King. They lay it out there – not worried about offending someone or being “too preachy”. It’s a time we cry out to God to move through this town by the power of His Spirit! It’s a time such as Jesus declared in Matthew 4:17, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near!”

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