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Bead Making Program

In 2008 four storms ravaged Haiti and destroyed thousands of home. Many rebuilt with makeshift huts along the rivers. In July 2010, the river in Montrouis flooded and washed away or destroyed many of the homes that were rebuilt after the storms of 2008.

New Vision was able to rent houses for each of the women but we did not want them to be just given free housing without the possibility to further aid themselves. After doing a feeding program to the elderly in the area for almost two years, we decided to start a new program that pays our women in the program to make beads.  The beads are re-sold to missionaries and other people here, as well as to people in the U.S. who wish to partner with us.  This program is designed to help our women feed their families and pay for the rent of their homes.

Due to the growth of this ministry, we’ve formed a second group of bead makers consisting of fishermen and other friends of the ministry.  It’s very exciting to see how this program has become sustainable and given many folks new opportunities to support their families.

Mowi Beads has now sold thousands of beads, and your purchase directly helps the beadmakers pay for things like food and rent.
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