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Children’s Home

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Following the devastating earthquake in January 2010, God burdened Joy Reeves’ heart to develop a home for orphaned and abandoned children.  Over the next few months, God brought several needy children ‘their way’, and quickly the home had 10-12 children.  The original plan was to find homes so the kids could be adopted into loving, Christian homes.  This requires a ‘creche’ license, and has proven to be very difficult to get done.  Like so many countries, adopting children in Haiti is a long and expensive process. 

 Today we have 14 precious children, 9 girls and 5 boys, aged 3 yrs.–15 yrs.  From the beginning, talented head cook, Madam Raymonde, has been the ‘momma’ of our home.  Along with several other dedicated workers, they provide the loving care that our children need.  The Children’s Home is currently located in a nice, two story building in Montrouis that we lease and fondly refer to as “the Mission”.

 After observation and testing, our educator, Carolyn, believes the children will benefit from a different school setting.  So September 2013 will mark the opening of New Vision Academy on the second floor of the Mission building.  Two teachers coming from the U.S. will live in one of the apartments there.  Our focus will be on writing, math, English, and Bible.  All fourteen children will be in classes as well as the Hatten’s two children and two other special students that Carolyn also taught last year

 The costs of operating a children’s home in Haiti continue to rise.  We have new and additional expenses associated with starting New Vision Academy.   We’re experiencing rising food costs and staff wages, as well as ongoing diesel expenses for the generator and repairs for our vehicles.  As a result, we’ve established three different kinds of sponsorship for each of our kids at our children’s home.  Education, nutrition, and housing are the three primary areas of ongoing expense, and we’re asking God to provide three sponsors of $25/month for each of our 14 children.  Would you be willing to pray about being one of our sponsors? 

 We appreciate so much your interest and support for our children’s home.  May God be honored and pleased as together we love and care for these who are so special and close to the heart of our Savior!