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Fishermen’s Ministry

Get into a 150 pound canoe carved out of a mango tree, spend half the night trying to catch bait fish, then at sunrise paddle three hours out, put out 15-20 gallon jugs each with a 100 yards of line and a steel hook, wait until a fish comes along and takes your bait, track him down in your canoe, pull in the line by hand, spear the 7 foot sailfish and throw it into your 12 foot canoe, paddle a couple of hours to collect the rest of your jugs, paddle three hours home, cut the fish into little pieces, sell the little pieces beside the road and then do it all again the next day. After that, you can call yourself a Haitian fisherman.

We have helped the 12 fishermen fish better by providing boats with motors, supplies and improved techniques to catch more bait and fish.  New Vision buys their fish to feed others, including our orphanage, and tries to sell the rest to others who have feeding programs or other needs.

Our ministry can offer storage of the fish in freezers. No one here has electricity enough to have freezers. By making our own electricity we can run freezers and thereby store the fish until we use or resell it.

Needs for the Fishing Program:

  1. People to help us buy the fish.
  2. Help buying diesel to run the freezers.  The freezers enable us to be good stewards of the fish being caught and allow us to sell it later to others.
  3. Supplies, such as hooks, lines, motor oil, spark plugs, rods and reels, etc.
  4. Prayer for the fishermen’s salvation.  We’ve already had one of our fishermen die suddenly of a stroke.  A few are believers; most are not.  We pray all will repent and trust Christ alone for eternal life.