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Medical and Eye Care

Every week people in Haiti go blind and even die from preventable diseases. In 2012 Dr. Dennis and Dr. Tom joined New Vision to provide eye and medical care for those who’ve never had it or could afford it.  As a pharmacist, Sara offers her services to help doctors and patients obtain and use properly their medications.

New Vision has a stationary medical and eye clinic in Montrouis as well as an eye clinic in a mission hospital 20 minutes down the road. We perform remote clinics in this area of the country from Port au Prince to the Artibonite valley and inland mountains. Currently we’re working to bring cataract surgery to the nearby hospital in Pierre Payen.  Short term medical teams sometimes help with the clinics, and include surgeons perform helpful surgeries. 

If you have medical training and want to get involved – long or short term – just let us know. We would love to have you come down. We’re grateful for the opportunities God gives us to serve Him through medical and eye care to Haitians.  We want our care to be a reflection of Him!